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Barriers & Turnstyles

Tripod Turnstiles

The Tripod Turnstile is a compact and cost-effective entrance solution designed for smooth operation, low wear and tear and reduced power consumption.
You can choose from standardised versions to custom tailored solutions using alternative designs and materials plus integration of access control devices. The high operating reliability makes the Tripod Turnstile suitable for internal or external applications including offices, industrial premises, airports, metros and other areas with intense movement of people.

Full Height Turnstiles

Wherever there is a need for well designed and controlled entrances our full height turnstiles will meet the criteria.
We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor models for applications in industrial entrances, sports arenas, defence installations and other environments where you want to achieve a high degree of security without manned monitoring. The security level is easily increased if there is an access control device integrated.


Protecting site openings against unauthorised vehicle and pedestrian access is essential for successful perimeter protection. Applicable to a wide range of environments our gates provide high-level security for entrances with extensive widths. Irrespective of the width required, openings are always successfully protected against intrusion.
Our gate solutions are the perfect blend of high grade steel construction, quality locking, variable operational modes and multiple control options. As always, our standard product offering can be customised to meet your security and design requirements. For example, infilling, double gates, additional controls and bespoke designs can all be supplied upon consultation.

Vehicle Control

The importance of protecting your sites against unauthorised entry of motor vehicles cannot be understated. This is nowhere more important than at a high security location (e.g. embassy, airport and military base).
With the “Vehicle Control” range you can be assured that vehicle flow will be securely controlled.
Designed to meet the optimum security objectives, this comprehensive range includes products unrivalled in strength, durability and protection.
Each solution successfully integrates high specification construction, modern testing and a wide range of quality features. Short operating times, expanding blocking widths, electronic controls and an “emergency failure” option all combine to offer immediate site protection.


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