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Biometric Access Control

As security levels increase, proximity cards may not meet the demands of the most stringent access control requirements. Astra Communications supply, install and maintain market leading biometric solutions to meet these needs. ID Cards may be lost or stolen and PIN codes may become known, whereas biometric information is particular to that user and cannot be obtained by others.

Biometric Access Control utilises unique physical features, as the ID credential such as fingerprints, Iris recognition or hand profiling. This ensures that the person granted entry to your site is guaranteed to be the person enrolled on the system.

Biometric readers are particularly suited to high security areas, but today, PC based access control systems are used to do more than just open doors. The information recorded can be used to compile reports on movements, time and attendance or link to payroll systems. In these instances, it is important that the person being recorded at the door is in fact the true enrolled user.

Astra Communications can assess your particular requirements and employ the necessary level of access control technology throughout your estate. This will ensure a cost effective but secure solution.

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