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High Definition CCTV

HD CCTV offers far higher video quality than standard analogue systems, up to 10x the resolution in many cases. The video recording quality is truly amazing functionality of this system, which can be either integrated into existing CCTV systems with the 'black box' feature or installed from new, this product is revolutionary and can be designed, installed and maintained by Astra.
The new Mobotix HD surveillance system from Astra is truly astonishing. The HD megapixel cameras Mobotix have developed must be seen to be believed. All it takes to enhance your existing system is to remove the CCTV cameras you have and replace them with the Mobotix units, the cost of improving your security doesn't have to be "eye watering".

They produce live images so sharp in any light and at any range so they can be used to identify unlawful actions. The power of these cameras mean that we can provide our Customers with more extensive, sharper images at a more economical price simply because you may need fewer units to do an even better job than your current CCTV system.

The appeal is obvious; whatever kind of location you need to guard. For example, the system can zoom in on a troublemaker in a packed football stadium or large industrial site

The total commitment of Astra to guarding their Customers interests is there for anyone to see, our enthusiasm for all things to do with security is why we always embrace new technologies ahead of our competitors, we also like to make sure we do it better than anyone else. Call now for more information or to book a free survey.

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