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IP network video products In the retail industry, network video systems provide a whole new level of pro-active surveillance and monitoring. Network video technology not only offers superior loss prevention, it can also be used to boost sales, improve staff and customer security, optimize store layouts, boost productivity, count people, monitor flow control and many more key functions.

Whether you run a single shop or a whole chain of stores, network video makes a noticeable improvement to your bottom line profits, so the return on your investment is vast.

The retail industry faces tough challenges. Theft and inventory shrinkage are obvious causes of lost profit that are traditionally fought with surveillance systems. The embedded intelligence in IP network video solutions can offer instant benefits to your business. Not only by helping you win the battle of protecting your business by preventing crime, but also by making positive contributions to planning and maximizing your profits in so many other ways.

How Does it work ?

IP network video products run on Ethernet networking. They provide an easy way to capture and distribute high quality video over any kind of IP network or internet.

The video can be stored at remote locations for convenience and security, and the other information can be transported in a secured way over the IP network or internet. Using standard PC server hardware for video recording and storage rather that proprietary equipment (such as DVR’s) radically reduces management and equipment costs, particularly for larger systems where storage and servers are a significant portion of the total solution cost.

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