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Vehicle Number Plate Recognition  (VNPR)

Vehicle Number Plate Recognition is one of the most effective vehicle movement and access management tools currently available. Partnered with the market leading Vista VNPR system, Astra designs and supplies solutions that accurately obtain number plate information from approaching vehicles and use this to effectively manage traffic movement throughout your site. The system raises barriers, switches traffic lights, displays pertinent driver information on a public display sign and accurately manages multi-tenant car parks. Integrating an access control number pad or proximity reader, will increase security to the site by ensuring the correct person is with the vehicle upon entry.

The VNPR solution can also provide essential management information such as logging who’s in/out, time spent on site, sound local and remote alarms on known number plates and send specific messages via e-mail, SMS or pagers.

Designed to be low maintenance and effective in all environments, the system utilises cameras that work in the infrared spectrum. They accurately read and process number plates, day or night, eliminating the effect of changing lighting conditions and vehicle headlamps. A snapshot of the VNPR camera and a colour overview camera is saved alongside each record of number plates read by the system, enabling the operator to have immediate recognition of each and every vehicle logged.

VNPR is utilised in a large number of solutions. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to see if this system will be ideal for your needs.

Learn more about Vehicle Number Plate Recognition software here. You can also view datasheets for the products here and here.


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